Our mission

DataZone is a high-end data solutions and services provider. DataZone provides its customers with a comprehensive package that includes architecture deep dive, consulting, managed services and training.

DataZone can simplify your persistence infrastructure and allow you to focus on your application and business logic while remaining stable and agile.

Our expertise

  • NoSQL
  • Real-time Search
  • Real Time Analytics

Core goals

  • Maximize your scalability
  • Increase productivity to the most
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Remaining agile and effective

Why DataZone ?

Our philosophy is based on the polyglot persistence approach, indicating that a product should not be bound to a specific database & vendor. In this architectural approach, one can take advantage of NoSQL / NewSQL databases, alongside Relational databases, or Search oriented data stores. A single application should use the right data store for every component’s needs.